The origins of our Slow Life philosophy

Published on 05/24/2023

Before Slow life, Slow food

Half Italian, my daughter had chosen the Italian European section to present her baccalaureate. Because of this choice, she studied the culture and movements of the Bel Paese a lot.

I was his revision acolyte and I spent whole hours listening to him recite his lessons – I even fell asleep to his great despair!

Each year the theme of Slow Food returned in greater depth – a philosophy of life invented by Carlo Petrini at the end of the 1980s. for the journalist who was offended by the arrival of a McDonald's in the historic center of Rome.

Thus, he developed this movement to recall the true origin of Italian cuisine. Indeed, it draws its foundations from an authentic food, simple but good because concocted with the heart. Take the time to cook alone or with loved ones, carefully choose the products that will make up our dishes, whether fresh, local and grown with respect for the land. There is no point trying to find noon at two o'clock, it is quite simply enough to go back to basics and restore the “culinary art”.

Passionate about this philosophy, we both projected ourselves into this way of seeing things. And by digging a little deeper, we discovered that from the food approach was born an existential perspective: Slow Life.

Slow Life, the art of appreciating life's little pleasures

Have the time to take your time, for simple pleasures and for yourself. Reconnect with yourself. Be receptive to what is happening around us, within us. Walk in the meadow still wet by the morning dew. Read a good book. Light a candle that smells good. Eating a huge slice of cake. Spend time with yourself. Say "I love you". In short, redirect your attention to the little pleasures of life.

And this new way of conceiving life presented itself to us at the most opportune moment. It was in the first years when I took over the estate alone (following my separation from my husband) and when all our bearings had been shattered to give way to a long period of crisis and doubts. Happy to be together but sometimes wandering in this new life charged with overwhelming emotions, going back to basics and seeing life in this way has been a new breath of fresh air for my daughter Léa and myself. And from this was born the desire to share this philosophy of life with our guests. This is why I apply myself with pleasure to impregnate every corner of the family farmhouse with this way of seeing life and savoring it, loving it, loving it even if...



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