Exhibition Hôtel de Caumont – Mucha Master of Art Nouveau

Published on 02/13/2024

The Hôtel de Caumont opened its doors this winter to offer us an exhibition combining beauty & commitment - with works that are as enchanting as they are moving. A real favorite for La Parpaille!

Caumont Hotel - Exposure Mucha – Master of Art Nouveau – From 17.11.2023 to 24.03.2024

When you enter the cozy atmosphere of theCaumont Hotel, you introduce yourself into a world apart. At least that's the feeling we had!

The exhibition opens with the beginnings of Alphonse Mucha, when he became known in Paris and then reached the peak of his success in the capital. These are large lithographs, each more beautiful than the last. The artist represents the arts, the seasons as well as day and night by playing with feminine curves and flowers. He is inspired by his muse – Sarah Bernhardt. In this first part of the exhibition, you are transcended. The harmony of colors, the delicacy of the curves, the hypnotic looks of the women he draws... His art is enchanting.

Then, as you continue the visit, a new facet of Mucha is offered to you. Always faithful to his people, the Slavic people – from whom he has always drawn inspiration for his works – he became aware of the importance of art in supporting societies then in danger from the rise of nationalism. While he represented joy, the faces he draws now embody worry and suffering. Once again, his art is moving and poignant.

You will have understood, we really fell in love with this exhibition. We came out transcended.

We won't tell you more - to let you discover this artist who knew how to revive art with his visionary perception.


NB: If you want to extend this charming interlude, go and enjoy a succulent salad and fabulously delicious tarts at the Café Caumont !


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