Happy New Year 2024!

Published on 01/09/2024

A little note from Eve to wish you a happy new year 2024

Hello 2024!!!

New Year ! New desires! New challenge!!

Or simply life goes on – Simple and true.

For this new year, no good resolutions or particular desires – just wishing you to be REAL, to be YOU.

To dare to say, to dare to do what is bubbling within you regardless of how others look at you. Don't lie to yourself - don't tell yourself a story hoping that by turning your back it will go away.

Life does not replay itself. So let's live this new year intensely, without pretending.

And as Bouddah wrote:

What you think – you become

What you feel – you attract

What you imagine – you create.

So let's just think - let's feel real and be full of imagination to make our dreams our reality... Without fear.

May 2024 be a year where you can be YOU and only YOU.

Good year…


Domaine La Parpaille reopens its doors on March 1, 2024

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